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The DESIGN WALZ is an educational journey based on the tradition of craftsmen wandering around the world to learn new skills by different masters. This tradition leads back to the middle ages and we, as designers, can learn from it by implementing it in our design education and go on the Walz ourselves.
Especially in digital times it becomes more important to connect with the people you are working with. DESIGN WALZ provides the opportunity to meet, connect and to share knowledge around the country, continent or world.
Going on a Walz means expanding ones comfort zone while focusing on learning and creativity.
Being a Hosts (e.g. agencies, companies, freelancer, NGOs) will bring new creative breezes in your projects. Every Walzer has different skills that can be implemented in different projects to collaborate together. After a time the Hosts will also benefit from a network of multiple freelancers they can ask for help in future projects.

On this page you can get an overview of my thesis project, the research and the interviews I did as well as some insight about my test Walz and my website proposal. If you are interested in more detailled information, check out the video of my thesis presentation (the password is: designwalz).

where we are now:
While working on my thesis I learned a lot about the craftsmen tradition called the Walz and was inspired by it to make it also possible for designers. I did a self experiment and connected with different people to make it happen.
One of the obstacles is the missing contact to a network that could support people on their Walz. Alexander Bönninger (who was walzing around Germany from 2018-2019) and I want to build that community.

In 2019 we got a scholarship from Social Impact Lab Leipzig to proceed with our Idea. We talked about the DESIGN WALZ at the HURRA HURRA Festival at Burg Giebichenstein, on Ein kreativer Abend and to students of DESIGN FACTORY International in Hamburg which whom we are collaboration at the moment on developing a DESIGN WALZ app. Furthermore you can read about the Project on PAGE Online and on KLUB-Dialog. We are also proud to be a social Innovation shown on Kompetenzzentrum Soziale Innovation Sachsen-Anhalt.

Thesis documentation.

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