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Veronika Kaiping
jewelry – silversmithing

Its November 2020. My hands crave for something to do, something to mend or form or build. But the workshops are closed. While browsing through the internet I come across people crafting jewelry. Jewelry, objects made with tools I am familiar to. Tools that I like – just smaller. That would be something..
I once attended a one-day workshop in my hometown making a ring from gold. That was fun! So with excitement and impatience I ordered my first set of tools and silver, recycled old furniture and household supplies to create my own work bench. And started.

The rings and earrings focus on the beauty of simple geometric shapes or the wearer themself.
Some jewelry pieces are also available and exhibited at the bauhaus dessau shop.
→ Send me a message if you are interested in a certain piece.

bauhaus – ring

square & round – ring

round – ring

dude – earring

simple – earrings

circular – rings

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