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journey years as designers


The idea of going on a Walz as a designer first occurred to me when I visited a friend in Baunach, Bavaria, in autumn 2018. Her neighbor asked us whether we were ‘on the Walz’ - I knew what she meant by that, but not what the Walz was exactly. So my friend explained me what the craftswo/mens tradition was about.

Since the design craft is also a craft, I thought it would be super cool to transfer the tradition to it. Since I never really know where my life is headed I was really euphorical of the Idea to continue learning and exploring, to develop further as a designer and human being after my graduation.

I was passionate about the Walz, but not about my upcoming thesis because I found it difficult to find a topic I liked so I combined the two things.

I am not the first one, but I hope there are many following and seeking the opportunity in this way of learning and traveling.

I would like to learn something new, leave my comfort zone and develop as a designer. For me, the journeywo/mans years imply risks and uncertainty. But how can it become more popular and safer for future students, graduates or professionals - not only designers – to follow this idea and to learn, search and find something new through the Walz?
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