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Veronika Kaiping


db-leitsystem – service design, interaction design

Having to evaluate the information on displays first, is stressful when under time pressure. This is the concept of a guidance system that displays the information exactly where it is needed to make rail travel easier and more personalized. The accompanying orientation and signage system displays the information needed in real-time to help with decision-making or orientation. The easily understandable and quickly comprehensible information makes it easier to travel by train.

The system contains different services, starting with the activation of the train ticket before a (spontaneous) journey. This makes the german railway services aware of spontaneous travelers. If there are a more passengers than expected, the Deutsche Bahn can adjust to this by providing additional seats if necessary. The guidance system makes it easy to orientate in the station. Departure times with track changes and delays are visible directly at the digital-analogue station clock. Even finding one's seat works through the information display on the track without difficulty. On the train there is an overview of the seats of the entire car and the information for personal travel is displayed directly at the place.

The project is on display at the InnoZ in Berlin (exhibition PDF) and RAN1 made a tv post on it (minute 0:26).

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